2019 Lok Sabha Election Opinion Poll | Latest Exit Poll Results

Find out what the Latest Lok Sabha Election 2019 Opinion Polls Say | 2019 Lok Sabha Election Exit Poll, Survey Results for you.

Politics is not an easy game. We can’t even imagine,how much efforts people put in to grab a small position like, Gram Pradhan or Sarpanch. 2019 Lok Sabha Elections are approaching and every single party worker understands how important this political event is.

Interested Voters have started discussions over tea. Astrologers have started giving predictions. Many agencies have also conducted initial opinion polls. Overall, political heat is on as 2019 Lok Sabha Elections are approaching.

This website www.opinionpoll2019.in is dedicated to Share Latest Opinion Polls of Lok Sabha Election 2019. We are covering every state and every Exit poll information as shared by various agencies. So, this is one stop solution for all interested voters who want to know what the latest Opinion Polls say regarding 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Opinion Poll

Opinion Polls are conducted by various sources. Many Popular News Channels conduct Opinion Polls time to time. Some Leading magazines also conduct exit polls. Also, there are various separate agencies that only conduct Opinion Polls. So Clearly, various sources, collectively or individually conduct Opinion Polls are share the results.

There is still time for 2019 Lok Sabha Election process to start but we already have couple of Opinion Polls. Soon, more and more will be added to this List.

Before we share the Latest 2019 Election Opinion Poll Results with you, let’s know some basic but important information regarding Lok Sabha Elections in India.

Total Number of Lok Sabha Seats 545
Number of Candidates Nominated by President 2
Total Number of Seats Open for Election 543
Majority Mark 272

So, in order to Form Government , a Political Party needs to Grab at least 272 Seats. In no party touches this mark, then external support will be required and alliance will be formed. BJP led NDA and Congress led UPA are two alliances which include multiple political parties.

2019 Lok Sabha Election Opinion Poll – *Top Agencies*

Opinion Polls or Surveys are Conducted in various modes. Usually, a group of people is selected from every region of the state and their views are recorded. Recently, Polls are also being conducted on social media, but such type of exit polls are not liked by everyone.

Below are some agencies that have good reputation. They have been conducting exit polls, surveys from quite some time. These are :

ABP News Aajtak
India TV News 24-Chanakya
News Nation CSDS
TV9-CVoter News X
Times Now-CNX Times Now- Chrome DM
Times Now – War Room Strategies

Apart from these, there are many other small opinion poll agencies. We will make sure that we keep you updated with the latest 2019 Election Opinion Poll Results.

2019 Lok Sabha Elections – Latest Exit Poll Results

Below are the most recent surveys : 

 India TV -CNX Opinion Poll 2019


Mega Times Group Opinion Poll


ABP-CSDS Mood of the Nation Survey


Times Now Opinion Poll