ABP-CSDS Mood of the Nation survey | Latest Loksabha Election Opinion Poll 2019

abp news mood of nation survey result 2019

As we promised to bring you the Latest Opinion Poll Results for upcoming Lok Sabha elections, we have come up with a new survey. In this Article, we will talk about the “Mood of the Nation Survey” conducted by ABP News & CSDS. This is one of the Earliest Surveys of Lok Sabha Elections 2019. There are many interesting facts in this ABP News, CSDS  & Lokniti Mood of the Nation Survey that can’t be missed. Let’s not waste time and get started right away.

ABP News, CSDS & Lokniti Latest Lok Sabha Election 2019 Opinion Poll

Before understanding the results of this Survey, let’s, first of all, understand how this Survey was conducted.

Around 15859 people from 19 States Participated in this Survey. This Survey was conducted between 27th April to 17 May 2018. Here are some of the important facts to be considered –

  • In this Survey, BJP & Shivsena were considered as Allies (which is not confirmed yet)
  • In Bihar, BJP & JD(U) were considered allies
  • In UP, The Allies of 2014 are considered for this opinion Poll

Takedowns of Mood of the Nation Opinion Poll 2019:

  • As per this Exit Poll, there are Still chances of BJP or NDA to Form the government.
  • As per this Survey, the popularity of BJP & PM Modi has certainly decreased
  • BJP Still has a Stronghold but if other top parties decide to shake hands, BJP might suffer

ABP-CSDS-Lokniti Lok Sabha Exit Poll Survey Results 2019

Let’s now focus on the Most important aspect i.e. Mood of the Nation Survey Results. We are explaining it below region-wise

All India543293-309122-132110-120

Also, understand this in Terms of Percentage.

  • NDA might Get 37% vote share
  • UPA might get 31% vote share
  • Others Might get 32% vote share

You can Also view this video for more details:

**CREDITABP NEWS Youtube Channel


So, As you can see, As per this Survey, NDA is leading and might form the government in 2019. But, few things have been assumed in this survey (as mentioned above in the Article). If some major changes in the Alliances take place, this whole scenario can also change. 2019 Loksabha Elections results will totally depend on which parties join or leave each other. No single Party seems to cross the Majority mark on Its own. All the Interested people are advised to wait for some other opinion Polls also. We will be sharing 2019 Lok Sabha Opinion Poll Results in this website.

What are your views regarding this ABP News, Lokniti & CSDS Survey? Do you agree with this? Kindly share your valuable comments below.

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