Mega Times Group Opinion Poll 2019 | Times Group “Pulse of Nation” Survey

times group 2019 opinion poll

Just Like ABP-CSDS-Lokniti Desh ka Mood Survey, Times Group Came up with “Pulse of the Nation Survey”, an Early Opinion Poll for Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in 2019. Here, we are discussing the Mega Times Group Exit Poll Results with you. All the Interested people can find out what this Survey reveals. Let’s get Started.

Mega Times Group 2019 Opinion Poll

As compared to the ABP-CSDS-Lokniti Survey, this Survey covered a large volume of people. Around 8,44,646 People participated in this Exit Poll. This Opinion Poll was conducted between 23 to 25 May 2018 in 9 Languages across 9 Media properties of Times Group. Here is the List of the Questions (& Answers) that were asked during this opinion Poll by Times group:

Who will you Vote for PM Candidate if General Elections were held Today?

  • 71.95 Percent People named Narendra Modi. 11.93 Percent People named Rahul Gandhi & 16.12 Percent People named some other person.

How would you Rate the Performance of Modi Government?

  • 47.47 Percent People rated “Very Good”
  • 20.60 Percent People rated “Good”
  • 20.55 Percent People rated “Very poor”
  • 11.38 Percent People rated “Average”

What is the Single Most Successful Policy Decision Taken by the Modi Government?

  • 33.42 Percent people selected “Implementing GST”
  • 21.90 Percent People selected “Demonetization”
  • 19.89 Percent People Selected “Surgical Strikes Against Pakistan”
  • 15.09 Percent People Selected “Any other Policy”
  • 9.7 Percent People Selected “Jan Dhan Yojana”

What is the Single Biggest Failure of Modi Government?

  • 28.30 Percent said “Employment Generation”
  • 22.64 Percent named any other Policy
  • 22.20 Percent said “Demonetization”
  • 14.28 Percent People Said “Kashmir Policy”
  • 12.58 Percent said “Tackling Agrarian Crisis”

How do you Rate the Modi’s government Effort to Reduce Unemployment?

  • 36.03 Percent rated “Poor”
  • 37.21 Percent rated “Satisfactory”
  • 21.28% Percent rated “Very Good”
  • 5.4 Percent Selected “Can’t Say”

Do you think that Minorities Feel insecure under the NDA Government?

  • 30.01 Percent Said “Yes”
  • 59.41 Percent Said “No”
  • 10.58 Percent Said “Can’t Say”

How Do you Rate Modi Govt’s Foreign Policy?

  • 62.63 Percent of Participants said “Very Good”
  • 17.43 Percent Said “Good”
  • 15.84 Percent Said “Poor”
  • 4.1 Percent Said “Can’t Say”

Will a United Opposition Alliance be effective against BJP in Loksabha Elections?

  • 28.96 Percent of Participants said “Yes”
  • 57.12 Percent Said “No”
  • 13.92 Percent Said “Can’t Say”

What is the Most Likely Scenario After Next Loksabha Polls?

  • 73.37 Percent of the Participants selected “Narendra Modi led Government”
  • 10.59 Percent Said “Rahul Gandhi Led Government”
  • 16.04 Percent Said “Third Front Government”

Has your Life Improved Under the Modi Government?

  • 55 Percent of the Participants said “Yes”
  • 33.92 Percent Said “No”
  • 11.08 Percent said “Can’t Say”

Times Group “Pulse of the Nation” Opinion Poll | Lok Sabha Election 2019

Considering answers to the questions asked in the opinion Poll by Times group, Seems like there is Still enough Support to Narendra Modi. But it can also be clearly observed that support towards “Rahul Gandhi” is also increasing. Answers to Few Questions related to Unemployment have clearly indicated that BJP needs to work on this Area.

What are your Views Regarding this Survey by Times Group? How would you have answered, if these questions were asked to you? Kindly Share your valuable comments below.

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